Temporary Fencing

Eureka Barricade Systems is a leading Australian supplier of temp fencing to the Mining, Resources and Construction industries. We supply Australian Standard heavy duty temp fencing solutions, that are manufactured to withstand the harsh environment of Australian work sites.

Eureka’s Temporary fencing is the ideal solution for securing an area quickly, and without the need for specialist tools or experience. Consisting of Temp Fence panels, shoes and feet, tens or hundreds of metres of temp fencing can be erected by a small team in very little time.

Temporary Fencing with Danger Safety sign

Our Temporary Fence Panels are hand welded for optimal strength, and hot dip galvanised for durability and protection against the weather. When assembling Temporary Fencing, the panels are held together with Temp Fence clamps. Made with Hot dip galvanised high grade steel, they require only basic hand tools for assembly and remain secure under pressure.

Anchoring our Temp fencing to the ground are Eureka’s Temp Fence Feet. Difficult to miss with it’s Hi Vis Orange colour, the UV stabilised polypropylene outer shell, ensures no concrete debris is left on site.


Complete Temporary Fencing & Barricading Solutions

When it comes to temp fencing and hard barricading for your mine site, construction site, or other work site – Eureka Barricade Systems provides the complete solution for your requirements.

With temp fencing and barricading products designed for the mining, construction and resource industries, and a dedicated team with the knowledge and experience gained from years of working with those industries, you know you are in safe hands.

When it comes to temporary fencing and hard barricading, Eureka Barricading Systems are the Australian Mining, Construction and Resource industry specialists.


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