About Us

Eureka Barricade Systems was established in 2008 to manufacture and supply a range of heavy duty barricades, temp fencing and barriers. Our hard barricades and A-frame barriers are durable, flexible and affordable, while ensuring safer work sites and secure work and exclusion zones.

A decade later, these principles have become proven marks of our success. We lead the way with our new products, improved features and evolving versatility that have cemented our reliable reputation. 

Our hard barricades and temporary fencing is manufactured specifically for the the Mining, Construction and Resource industries. Whether it’s an exclusion zone on a work site, or for use as a trench barrier, the Eureka Barricade System never disappoints. The heavy duty design and finish ensures years of use, even under the toughest of conditions.

So, when you’re looking for a range of hard barricading, heavy duty A-frame barriers, temporary fencing or crowd control barrier solutions, the flexibility, durability and affordability of the Eureka Barricade System is incomparable.

Eureka Barricade Systems – Ensuring safer worksites every day.


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