Heavy Duty Barricade Poles 5.8m - Orange

Barricade Poles 5.8m – Orange

Barricade Poles 5.8m – Orange

Eureka’s heavy duty Barricade Poles 5.8m Orange. Highly durable galvanised poles, with an orange powder coated finish, they are built to last. They are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the mining, construction and resource industries. As part of the complete Eureka A-frame Barricade System, barricade poles are suspended between the legs to create the barricading. 

Eureka’s heavy duty Barricading Poles are available in 5.8m as well as 2.9m lengths. Click here for our full range of heavy duty barricading.

Please contact our sales team for current prices and up to date availability. 

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