barricading gate

Eureka heavy duty Barricading Gate System Legs is highly durable powder coated Barricading Gate System with a galvanised finish and has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the mining, construction and resource industries.

The Gate System is Eureka’s latest addition to the range. This allows an authorised person to pass through continuous barricading via a gate and eliminates any risk of personnel attempting to climb over or under the barricading. Our Barricade system provides the safety you need on you work sites.

  • Free standing
  • Lightweight galvanized steel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Can be easily relocated on site
  • Requires no drilling
  • Interlocking system
  • Custom stencilling is available

Comes standard in yellow but can be powder coated in any requested colour.

Please contact our sales team for current prices and up to date availability. Call 1800 89 79 89 or email

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