About Us

Eureka Barricade Systems was established in 2008 in view of introducing a range of Heavy Duty Barricading which are highly flexible, durable and economical while creating safe and secure work and exclusion zones.

Over five years later, this is still paramount with the Eureka Barricade Systems being the market leader – it’s new varieties, improved features and evolving versatility help create a strong brand, a lasting customer base and safer worksites every day.

Our comprehensive product range allows us to service all sectors within the mining, construction and resource industries. Whether it is an exclusion zone on a work site or used as a trench barrier, the Eureka Barricade System never disappoints.

Eureka Barricade Systems is the supplier of choice, so if you’re looking for industrial heavy duty hard barricading, temporary fencing or crowd control barrier solutions, the flexibility, durability and affordability of the Eureka Barricade System is incomparable.